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2-floors apartment Wongamat Tower in Pattaya overlooking the Gulf of Thailand

2-floors apartment Wongamat Tower in Pattaya overlooking the Gulf of Thailand

Choosing the right housing in Pattaya for your own holiday is always a responsible occupation. We have to study a lot of options for apartments, compare the pros or cons, adjust to our own vacation dates and take into account the available budget. But sometimes the real estate market comes across such interesting and inexpensive housing options that you can safely turn a blind eye to all filters, except for the dates available for check-in. So an inexpensive two-story apartment in the condominium Wongamat Tower may be of interest to those who are tired of the same type of layout of Pattaya apartments, and the budget does not allow you to rent something more expensive than 3,000 baht per night.

Where is Wongamat Tower located?

Condominium Vongamat Tower is located in the northern district of Pattaya, which is considered one of the most peaceful and quiet among the rest of the city. There are no noisy bars, clubs and depraved streets. And the building itself is part of a huge residential complex under the same name Wongamat, which are united by a common infrastructure, style and quality.

Features of the apartment in Wongamat

Дополнительная гостевая спальня с видом на Сиамский залив в квартире Wongamat Tower

Спальня на втором этаже квартиры в Wongamat Tower

The apartment in Wongamat is a unique design apartment: two sleeping areas (one with a double bed, the other with a fold-out sofa) are on different floors of the apartment and are connected by a spiral staircase. And the windows of the apartment look towards the sea, which allows guests to watch the most beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Thailand every evening with a cup of coffee.

Кухня в квартире Wongamat Tower

In addition to the two full beds, the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, which with its arsenal will cover most of the requests even for the most fastidious hostess: an oven, microwave, four-ring cooker, kettle, fridge and other necessary kitchen utensils. Here everyone will be able to create their own culinary masterpieces with convenience, if Thai cuisine is not to your taste. Although how can you relax in Thailand and give up the delicious spicy soup with Tom Yam Kung shrimp?

What is next to the condominium?

Despite the fact that the apartments are located in a residential area from here it is not difficult to reach any part of the city, including the beach, which is in direct view from the window. In addition, not far from the condominium there is a popular temple for tourists of four Buddhist denominations - the Temple of Truth, where you can not only enjoy the beauty of the works of Asian carpenters, but also ride elephants and quad bikes. And the Orthodox will surely enjoy the Church of All Saints, where the service is led by Thai pop Daniel.

Круглосуточные магазины возле Wongamat Tower для удовлетворения насущных потребностей

To meet immediate needs, such as buying bread, water, eggs and alcohol, there is a 24-hour FamilyMart, 7-Eleven and TescoLotus Express shop nearby. And to suppress the nostalgic feelings not far from the condominium there is even a cafe Teremok with Russian cuisine.

North Pattaya is famous for its seafood market, which is located at the very end of Naklua Street, as well as the newest Terminal 21 shopping and entertainment center near the dolphins ring road.

Why rent an apartment in Wongamat Tower?

Уникальный дизайн квартиры в Wongamat Tower

Unique apartment design, fully equipped kitchen and the ability to accommodate up to 4 guests - these are not the most important factors for choosing this particular apartment. But the presence of a large swimming pool, a gym with new equipment, saunas, a jacuzzi, a billiard room and even a children's playground on the territory of the condominium suggest that it is here that you can spend your long-awaited rest for a reasonable fee. In addition, from the pool on the roof of the condo, there is a stunning panoramic view of Pattaya and the Gulf of Thailand.

Панорамный вид на город и Сиамский залив с крыши кондоминиуму Wongamat Tower
Choose the apartments in the condominium Wongamat Tower and you will get real pleasure from a vacation in Thailand. Cheap apartments for rent for any period waiting for their guests, and you can check the dates available for booking on our website: Wongamat Tower Apartment Pattaya in Pattaya | Naklua district

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