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Venetian Signature Сondo Apartments - Little Venice in Thailand

Venetian Signature Сondo Apartments - Little Venice in Thailand

A studio apartment in a Venetian condominium is perfect for two vacationers. These apartments are located less than one kilometer from the coast of the Gulf of Siam and are distinguished not only by their low rental price, but also by the beautiful European design style.

Кухня в квартире в кондоминиуме Venetian

The apartment has everything you need for the carefree and unforgettable vacation that Thailand can offer: a full set of kitchen utensils, a microwave, a hot plate, a fridge, a kettle and a toaster. But if you are too lazy to cook, then there is a cafe on the ground floor, which serves both European and Thai food. And 50 meters from the condominium there are two 24-hour shops 7-Eleven and FamilyMart, where you can buy not only bread, milk, eggs, alcohol, water, sweets, but also necessary household chemicals.

Дизайн жилого комплекса Venetian в Паттайе

This residential complex is not in vain called Venetian, because it is all made in a beautiful and luxurious Italian style. All the interior of the complex, as well as the facade of the building conveys the unique spirit of Italy with its pomp and chic.

Огромная территория с бассейном и каналами

On the territory of the condominium operates a huge swimming pool, which consists of many separate and interconnected channels, where each guest can enjoy the rest without leaving the territory. Numerous bridges and crossings through the pool create the feeling of being in a reduced size in Venice. For each individual “channel”, the gondolas ply, which are the hallmark of this romantic place. Well-groomed green lawns and magnificent exotic palm trees give a special charm, recalling that after all, you are in Thailand, not in Italy.

Дизайн интерьера квартиры в аренду в кондоминиуме Venetian в Паттайе

Apartment Venetian is also designed in a restrained modern style, reminiscent of Italian Baroque. Comfortable furniture is perfectly combined with a curly ceiling and heavy blackout curtains, behind which lies a large panoramic window with a door leading to the balcony. Soft pastel tones without flashy drawings create a wonderful cozy atmosphere, and the smooth lines of the ceiling add pomposity and decorate the room.

Спортивный зал в кондоминиуме Venetian в Паттайе

For its guests, the condominium offers to relax in the sauna, or play at the billiard table. For those who lead a healthy lifestyle, or just going, here there is a gym with new equipment. For families who come on holiday with children, an excellent game room with a bright interior and numerous toys can be an outlet.

Under the terms of the condominium, smoking is strictly prohibited in the common areas and inside the apartment. But each balcony is equipped with a special smoking area with an ashtray and chairs, which allows you to fully enjoy your stay in this complex.

Apartment Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya is located in a remote and quiet area, not far from Jomtien Beach, which can be reached on foot in 10-15 minutes. In addition, there is always the opportunity to use the services of a motorbike taxi or songteo that will take you to any place in the city for a small fee.

Thus, apartments in a Venetian condominium for two - this is an excellent option to have a great rest and enjoy all the pleasures of Pattaya. Inexpensive and stylish apartment is waiting for you.

Check available dates before booking Venetian Apartments, as well as find out the prices on our website: Apartment Venetian Signature in Pattaya for rent.

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