Terms and Conditions

Contract of booking villas and apartments

Terms of booking a villa or apartment

You will live in a villa or apartment which booked in accordance with the booking form. No changes possible. Changes are possible only at an additional cost - in accordance with the prices on our website.

Please look carefully "seasonal rates", the price depending on the season may be substantially different. On the website you see the price for present season.

1. Prepayment
Once we’ve got a reservation request for villa or apartment in Thailand and made sure that they are free, we make reservation and send an invoice. You will have a maximum of 72 hours to confirm your booking by making the first payment of 30% from the total amount. If you do not pay your first deposit within 72 hours – it will be automatically cancelled.
The number of people is fixed in booking form. The maximum number of guests is determined by the number of beds (one - or two bedrooms) in a villa or apartment. Additional people will be charged in such way: price per day at the moment divided by the maximum allowable number of guests in this villa or apartment. In case of non-payment of this fee, additional guests or head of the group will be asked to leave the property.

2. How to pay
Payment for a villa or apartment is in several stages.
1) Deposit - 30% payable in 72 hours
2) Within 8 weeks prior to arrival - second payment of 20% if you book a villa for 8 weeks or less before arrival, you pay immediately 50% of the cost if more than 8 weeks prior to arrival, the payment is split 30% and 20% respectively .
3) The remaining  50% you’ll pay before arrival, 20 days
4) If you are booking  villa or apartment in 15 days prior to arrival or less it will be charged 100% of payment.

* However, owner of the villa, house or apartment has the right to require payment in the amount of 50% or 100% immediately upon booking, in each case separately.

The first and second payments you can make using:

    Transfer Western Union

    Bank transfer

    Plastic bank cards of VISA and MASTER CARD

Let us know if you wish to pay by credit card and we will issue an invoice for payment by credit card. Please note that when paying by credit card will be charged an additional fee for a bank transfer of funds 4.4%.

For other types of payment, our bank details are sent with the booking form of the villa or apartment. Final payment is made in cash on arrival.


As stated above in the section Advance, the first payment must be made within 72 hours after making a reservation. If payment is not received within this period, we will notify you about the cancellation. If there was not specifically mentioned date, we are waiting for your reply further 48 hours, after which the reservation will be cancelled.

3. Security deposit
When you check in at the villa will be required security deposit ( in cash only).
The deposit amount depends on the size of the villa or apartment.
3 bedrooms inclusive: 5000 baht.
4 and 5 bedrooms: 10,000 baht.
6 bedrooms and more: from 15,000 baht.

In some cases, the deposit can be increased.

Agents and owners of the leasehold reserve the right to deposit passport or identity card of the Head of the Group for as long as the security deposit not paid. Agents and owners of leasehold reserve the right to deny access to the villa or apartment in case of failure of the Head of the Group or guests to meet this requirement.
Deposit will be refunded in cash, in the currency in which has been accepted in full after departure of all guests of the group, subject to mutual agreement guests and representatives of the Company that:
There was no harm to villa or apartment, their content, the pool;
All payments were made;
All keys from the villa and safes returned to the company.

For loss of the keys 1000 baht will be charged.
Any damage must be reported immediately to the villa manager or apartment. The damage must be compensated before guests departure.

4. Cancellation by the customer
In the case where cancellation occurs on your initiative, the following rules apply refund:

20% of security deposit  is non-refundable;
56 - 62 days prior to arrival - 75% of the amount paid, except for the pledge;
42 - 55 days prior to arrival - 50% of the amount paid, except for the mortgage;
35 - 41 days prior to arrival - 25% of the amount paid, except for the mortgage;
28 - 34 days prior to arrival - 10% of the amount paid, except for the mortgage;
27 days or less prior to arrival - non-refundable.

5. Cancellation hosted by
It is highly unlikely that it will ever happen through the fault of the owners of the villas or apartments that we manage, however, we reserve the right to find alternative accommodation for you, like to book or reimburse the entire amount paid prior to arrival. We do not deal with any other circumstances than those mentioned above.

6. Number of Guests
The maximum number of guests who may settle to the villa or apartment, is determined solely by the amount of single - or king beds, if it is not specifically mentioned. Check in guests excess of the maximum amount can be made only by a decision of the property owner and non-negotiable.


Every additional person will be charged on the amount of the price per day divided by the maximum number of guests.
Example. Price per day: 10,000 baht. The house has 5 double bed = 10 guests. For each additional person:  you’ll pay 1000 baht per day plus a charge for an extra bed 500 baht per day.

7. Children
A child is anyone whose age on official documents is less than 5 years old at the time of stay in a villa or apartment. If the child is older than 5 years old and sleeping separately from their parents, the Company believes it to adults and charge you additionally.
Cots are available on request (if any) for a fee of 500 baht per day.
High chairs are also available on request (if available) free of charge.

8. Guests Duties
Villas and apartments are intended solely for residential purposes.
Guests are required to abide by the rules of use of premises comprise in order. Guests guarantee the safety of the rooms in the property, such as appliances, furniture and so on.

Any damage to property will be deducted from the security deposit made on arrival. Damage in excess of these deposits should be compensated for the cost of a complete replacement of the damaged property or the full recovery of damages. Head of the Group is obliged to indemnify the Company losses caused in the event of damage to the dwelling or transferred property (furniture and equipment).
Head of the Group shall be fully responsible to the agents and owners for the actions of people living with him or his family members who violate these terms.
Any damage, maliciously or accidentally, should be immediately reported to the manager or owner of the villa.
In case of disagreement, the case will be handed over to the police and the court of Thailand in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

9. Personal Safety

Neither the agents nor the property owners do not take any responsibility for incidents occurring within or outside their property.
Guests must securely close all the windows and doors during sleep or absence.
Any vacationer caught on jumping out of the windows to the pool, will be asked to leave the villa or apartment  immediately.
We kindly ask all guests to get travel insurance to cover accidents, thief, medical care and so on.
Example: appendicitis cost 150,000 Baht, a broken leg from 100,000 Baht, emergency call an ambulance 6,000 Baht and so on. If you have insurance, all the expenses will pay your insurance company .

10. Pets
It is strictly forbidden to bring pets into the property.
Upon detection of an animal, you will be required to pay the full cleaning of the villa or apartment (8,000 baht) and asked to leave.

11. Internet
We provide access to the Internet. To see the availability of this service you can right in the description of each villa or apartment. We do our best to provide you the best connection, but we do not accept complaints in case your laptop / computer / phone is not able to catch the signal and so on. We offer access to the Internet as a free service, and if you have any difficulty with the compound, please contact Support who will tell you where to find Internet cafes, which can provide a higher level of service.

12. Smoking
Please do not smoke in the rooms inside and respect those who are non-smokers.
Smoking inside the villas and apartments is strictly prohibited.
When caught smoking in the house, will be taken a fine of 8,000 baht for general cleaning of the entire premises.

13. Maid Service
Maid service is included in the price of villas and apartments, villas except:
  Palm Grove Pool Villas
  View Talay Pool Villas
  North Pattaya Apartment
  Northpoint Pattaya studio
  Laguna Heights studio
  Na Jomtien Executive Suites.

Conditions for Palm Grove Pool Villas, Na Jomtien Executive Suites and View Talay Pool Villas:
Daily light cleaning: sweeping the floors and surfaces.
Towels and bed linen: 700 baht on request at the reception.
Mandatory change of towels and bed linen once a week: 700 baht.

Conditions for Na Jomtien Chic Villa:
Full cleaning, bed linen: 1 time per week (free).  Everyday washing dishes is on request and cost 300 baht/day.
Change of towels: large towel - 2 times a week.
Daily light cleaning (free): sweeping the floors, garbage collection, making the bed. Does not include washing dishes. Everyday washing dishes is on request and cost 300 baht/day.
On the check-out dishes must be clean, otherwise 1,000 baht will be charged for washing the dishes.

Conditions for Northpoint Pattaya Apartment, Northpoint Pattaya studio, Laguna Heights studio:
Cleaning is not provided.
Obligatory cleaning upon check-out:  1500 baht.
On the check-out dishes must be clean, otherwise 1,000 baht will be charged for washing the dishes.

On all other villas and apartments maid service included in the price.

The duties of a maid includes:
Daily cleaning of your villa or apartment
Daily servicing and cleaning of beds (except washing dishes or washing and ironing of your personal belongings). If necessary, you can order and pay an additional fee.
Towels are changed every 3rd day and bed linen - every 5th day.
Extra towels can be provided at 20 baht/each.
Linen change on request: 350 baht for 1 time.

Damaged sheets will require payment in the amount of 3,500 baht.
Beach towels are not provided. They can be purchased on site at very reasonable prices, if they are needed.

14. Water and electricity
All prices includes a daily quote of payment for electricity.
Villas and apartments up to 4 bedrooms, inclusive: in the amount of 57 units a day.
The villas with 5 bedrooms and and more:  100 units.

Conditions for Na Jomtien Chic Villa:
Electricity in the allowance of 57 units/day

Conditions for North Pattaya Apartment, Northpoint Pattaya studio, Laguna Heights studio:
Electricity is not provided. Must be paid in full by customers.

To save your money, turn off air conditioners when leaving the villa or apartment. Also, do not use the air conditioner with the opened windows.
If number of allowed units is exceeded,  you will be charged a fee to 7 baht per 1 unit. The amount will be deducted from your security deposit upon departure.
Some villas charge you a lot more. Please monitor the use of water and electricity.
On some high-end villas such services are included in the contract, which will be stated in the discussion of the details of your order. Please do not use without need air conditioners  when leave!

15. Cars
Only if this is indicated in the description of the villa on the site and on the booking form, free car with full insurance. Cars are only available for stays of 7 nights or more. As a rule, that is a 4-door pickup, but agents and property owners retain the right to offer any type of 4-door car on your own. Also, you will need to pay a deposit for the car in the amount of 10,000 baht, the deposit will be retained in case of damage to the car.

16. Responsibility
Property owners and their agents accept no liability for death, personal injury, accidents, loss of personal belongings or people. We strongly encourage our guests to be insured for compensation in such cases.

17. Force Majeure
Property owners and their agents accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or changes caused by force majeure, such as strikes, floods, closure of airports, adverse weather conditions or any similar incidents that we can not control.

18. Pool
Many villas have a private pool. We can not take any responsibility for injuries suffered when using swimming pools. Please watch out for children.

19. Additional costs
We reserve the right, taking orders for 3 nights or less, use an additional charge of 20% to cover additional costs.


20. Concerns or complaints
All of our villas and apartments in Thailand were examined daily and problems are extremely rare. In case of any, please report it to the villa manager as soon as possible. We will try to fix the problem as quickly as possible - during the working day or the next business day.
No refunds or revision of tariffs are not provided because of the failure of the air conditioner, TV, pool equipment or other electronic or mechanical items.
Also please note, refund is not possible in the presence of neighbors dogs, if villa or apartment is located near the roadway.
Please note that Thailand - a tropical country. Insects and rodents are inevitable and are beyond our control. Please remove all waste products from the working surfaces to minimize the spread of insects and small rodents.

21. Time of arrival and departure
Control time:
Check in - at 13:00 a.m.
Check out - at 11:00 a.m.

Please adhere to these terms, since the villa or apartment should be completely free prior to arrival next guest. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later than this - you agree this with us in advance and in writing.
Counters of villas or apartments and their contents will be checked upon arrival and departure.

22. Late check-out and early check-in
For each additional hour will be charged at the rate of:  the cost of one day divided by 24 hours.
We do not guarantee early check-in or late check-out and such possibility should be discussed in each case.

23. Common Questions
Please do not smoke in the house. Smoking on the street only: ashtrays provided. If you do not have enough ashtrays, let us know and we will provide you with the necessary number of them.

24. Noise
We wish you a great time at holiday property. However, keep in mind that your villa may be located in a private settlement close to another living families and children there. Please do not make noise after 10:00 p.m.
Complaints from neighbors about noise after 10.00 p.m. will be considered collectively, in each case specifically, in the case of repeated complaints, Guests forcibly evicted without any refund.
The locals are very sensitive to rest well at night, and if you're really shouting or talking loudly so after that you can receive complaints and we will not be able to protect you against forced evictions. Please respect yourself and the others.
Please do not use the common pool of the village after 10:00 p.m.

25. Communication
Be sure to purchase a SIM card from a local Thai operator for rapid communication with the manager or owner of the villa to resolve any issues. It may issue free when you exit the aircraft or can be purchased at any store or 7/11 Family Mart. The sooner you buy the sim card from a local operator, the sooner you can contact us for solutions to your questions, and we hasten to note the connection you need, we already have, so take care of yourself please.

Enjoy your vacation!