Pimalai Beach Villa 1B

  • Вилла
  • Max. people: 2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: 1


Rent a villa Pimalai Beach 1B on Koh Lanta for two people

Lovely villa for two Pimalai Beach 1B on Koh Lanta, is well equipped and offers the ideal holiday for couples. The smart home environment created everything, so you will spend unforgettable days.
Cottage built on the private land of small, beautiful the resort. There is always the order of the following professional and vigilant protection. There is a common large swimming pool which offers beautiful views of nature and the vast ocean. Multiple chairs with beautiful umbrellas. The complex also has a restaurant, a fully equipped gym, boutique, spa and other amenities. The road to the sea with beautiful beaches, take no more than 2 minutes’ walk.
The house is ideal for a romantic getaway, so we are glad to offer you rent a villa Pimalai Beach 1B on Koh Lanta for two people.

Cottage built on the territory of Pimalai Resort, which in turn is located in the south-west of the island. Here on the coastline we have restaurants, sold fruit and as leisure offers water sports and rent of transport, in which you can move easily around the island. For example, you can visit the town of Saladan, it will give you an unusually tasty restaurants, diverse shopping surprise. Here you can buy a variety of excursions and dance in discos. Also on Koh Lanta taken diving, it is here focused corals, with a large marine fauna.

The house is one comfortable, presentable bedroom. It has perfect undeveloped furniture and a plush bed for two. With direct access to the room to the balcony and admire the endless tropical landscapes. Also, the room has air conditioning, safe and access to the bathroom.

Your cottage has one extraordinary bathroom. It is unusual and is located in the fresh air. Also in the closed part of the room has a shower, a large mirror in a beautiful frame, a nice sink and toilet.

Dining room:
Meals in the house you can eat in a beautiful and romantic setting on the private balcony, which offers beautiful views of the palm trees and the beach. Here is a round wooden table and a very comfortable and unusual chair.

Rest alone does not involve cooking, besides when there are excellent restaurant with affordable prices. Another chip restaurant is that here you can take free lessons on cooking Thai national dishes. But in your home there is still a kettle and a fridge.

Living Room:
This part of the space of the house has a beautiful design and a high conical ceiling. It is unusual, but very comfortable sofa here. Round table with chairs for two, an armchair where you can comfortably sit reclining and have air conditioning. Surprise and delight you here a TV with international channels and a DVD player. From here, from the living room you can exit to a large balcony.

If you decide to go on holiday together and look nice cozy place with quick access to the beach and close distance to entertainment, we recommend book a villa on Koh Lanta next to the beach for 2 persons. Here you will spend a wonderful and memorable bright days!


  • Air conditioner
  • Safe
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Internet
  • Cable/sattelite
  • Balcony/terrace
  • Fridge
  • Common swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Car rent is available


Availability Calendar

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27730 baht per night

Seasons Rates

1 Nov — 14 Dec
27730 baht
(Min. stay: 3)

15 Dec — 15 Jan
40261 baht
(Min. stay: 10)

16 Jan — 31 May
27730 baht
(Min. stay: 3)