Rent Koh Lanta Villa

Rent villas, houses on Koh Lanta

There is a small archipelago of Koh Lanta. It consists of two components - Koh-Lanta-Yai and Koh-Lanta-Noi. Despite the close proximity, they are totally different. On Koh-Lanta-Noi calm and measured  traditional Thai life flows. The island has a small village of Thai Aboriginal and mysterious sea gypsies.
A west coast of Koh Lanta Yai is fully granted to tourists. Rent a villa in Koh Lanta: a unique landscape, warm climate, clean water, scenic inaccessible cliffs, jungle - all this contributes to relax by the sea.
Renting the cottage near the beach Nui Beach and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature, you will understand that you need to come here for a long time - but best to stay in this paradise for a year!
And if you - the owner or the head of the holding company and was looking for an original solution for corporate parties, know that it has already been found! Rent a Balinese-style villas for rent for 12 people and immerse yourself in the world of bliss and happiness. The cost of renting property in Koh Lanta - minimum and corporate costs will be small.

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