Rent Koh Lanta Apartment

Rental apartments, apartments in Koh Lanta

Lanta Island or as it is called Thais PraE - is a great solution for those tourists who want to combine a beach holiday, walking through the beautiful mountainous terrain and study the amazing caves.
And for fans of urban comfort we recommend to stay near Long Beach. The longest beach on Koh-Lanta-Yai is great for active marine recreation day and a busy drive at night.
Rent an apartment on Koh Lanta will cost you cheap, as the island has quite reasonable prices. During peak season, we recommend booking apartments in advance - because this type of real estate on the island is represented in a rather small range.
In order to get enough rest on Koh Lanta fully, we suggest to settle here for the long term. Rent cheap apartments near the beach Klong Nin and dedicate their time not only for swimming and relaxing on the beach, but also explore the sights.
Unique orchid nursery; reserve in the Andaman Sea; lighthouse, which is visible from the site of a spectacular panorama of the nearby islands, caves with stalactites and stalagmites are waiting for you.

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