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Rental cottages, villas on Koh Chang

Elephant - a symbol of wisdom and power in Asia. The name of the sacred animal called the Thai island of Koh-Chang. It is logical because in its form resembles a lying elephant and it’s the second largest island after Phuket.
Renting the villa on Koh Chang, you will be in close contact with pristine nature - because this land belongs to marine reservation in Thailand.
Renting a house near the beach Hick Kai Mook Beach, you will enjoy the snow-white fine sand, emerald green ocean and live practically in virgin forests. And after going deep into the island, your eyes will be opened on waterfalls and natural rock pools.
If you go diving, God by himself ordered you to rent a private villa by the sea and enjoy the unique underwater world of Thailand.
For those who want to retire in a pristine paradise, Koh Chang is ideal. Renting the cottage without intermediaries in really competitive price, you can settle for the long term, soluble in nature.
Fans of recreational tourism can rent a villa with a nurse. After all, beach vacation, a clean environment, abundant fruit and organic food, calm and measured rhythm of life contribute to recovery.
The cost of renting a house on Koh Chang you'll be pleasantly shocked - we provide accommodation directly, without intermediaries.

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